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Jessica Gregory

Artist Statement

My artwork may have an element of whimsey juxtaposed by something more serious to contemplate. The stuff we no longer have a use for, broken toys and plastic junk may be included in assemblages and sculptural pieces. The overproduction of single use plastics are polluting everything, I use them in some of my work as a way to deal with the frustration and hopefully encourage people to make better decisions. One easy thing everyone could do is take your own reusable bags to shop and refuse single use plastic bags from retailers.

I love the outdoors, hiking, biking, kayaking and swimming! All these activities become subjects for my work. My most recent paintings have been oil on canvas inspired by the fast movement, fleeting thoughts and sights while on trails. I work in oils, acrylics, watercolor and mixed media.
The Cool Pool Series – a series of miniature swimming pools. Pools and the cool blue colors tend to make us think of fun times, joyful feelings, and warmth of the sun. Each pool in the series has been hand sculpted in clay, underglazed/kiln fired, then glazed and fired a 2nd time... then the handrails and accessories are added.  There are 80 pools in the series to date.

I have been experimenting with clay for the past couple of years and hope to continue building a body of work that incorporates both sculpting and creating images on the ceramic works.
Some of my work can be purchased via Etsy at


IMG_3209 - Jess Gregory
IMG_3240 - Jess Gregory
IMG_5158 - Jess Gregory
IMG_5161 - Jess Gregory
Jessica Gregory “Air Plant Heads” Ceramics
Cool Pool Series Jessica Gregory ceramics
Cool Pool Series  Jessica Gregory ceramics
A. Pandemic Blues
“Totem Vase” Jessica Gregory
B. 1. Hope Pods
“Ultimate Pool” Jessica Gregory, ceramics
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