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Lauren Kelley

Lauren Kelley is a native Knoxvillian and abstract painter, working primarily in acrylic, watercolor, and mixed-media. 


She is fascinated by color, light, and luminosity, so the juxtaposition of light and darkness is a reoccurring theme in her work.


Throughout her life, she has often found that trying or painful times can serve as a catalyst to provide a cataclysmic shift in life. It is her desire that viewers might see a tangible and literal representation of hope and new possibilities that can come from difficult circumstances through the juxtaposition of light and darkness that appears in her work.


She hopes that her work will encourage viewers to intentionally choose to see beyond external circumstances and anticipate the appearance of light, even if what seems like just a glimmer, in the midst of darkness, as joy and renewal can often come following life's most difficult moments.


Follow along and keep in touch:

Instagram: @laurentheabstractartist


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