By Brandon Woods



Acrylic on patterned fabric over shaped panel



"Intergalactic Bottle Service" is a playful title, it draws the viewer into the work by activating the imagination—that playful part of ourselves that makes artistic creativity possible. I titled this work based on my parter's reaction, who upon seeing the work exclaimed "It's like drinking champagne on a spaceship!" When viewers look at this piece, I would delight in them having the same reaction, and running away with their imaginations. Now, when I look at this work, I imagine my partner and I propelled five hundred years into the future, where this work is displayed in a very exclusive VIP lounge on a luxury spaceship. Here, in the red velveteen booth beneath this painting the bourgeoisie are wearing white 1920’s flapper dresses, and drinking champagne out of long-stemmed crystal flutes while they dance to the Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic”.


Intergalactic Bottle Service